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  • Insulin pill could make diabetes treatment ‘ouchless’

  • Identifies protein-promotes breakdown of fat, leading to new diabetes treatment

  • New Report Details Pre- and Postnatal Brain Defects from Zika Virus

  • Tunneling nanotubes between neurons enable the spread of Parkinson's

  • Diabetes drug may also offer vascular protection

  • Potential therapeutic target for Huntington’s disease

  • Patients can have subsets of breast tumours, points at strategies for treatment

  • Newly identified marker may help predict patient outcome in cancer

  • Blocking the migration of cancer cells to destroy them

  • Multitasking proteins: unexpected properties of Galectin-3

  • Scientists show commonly prescribed painkiller slows cancer growth

  • Nanoscale Trojan horses treat inflammation

  • Epigenetic Modification Increases Susceptibility to Obesity and Predicts Fatty Liver

  • Fixed-dose combinations of drugs versus single-drug formulations for treating TB

  • Biomarker may predict recurrence in endometrial cancer patients

  • Study advances understanding of colon cancer and colitis

  • Cancer risk perception could lead to adverse health outcomes among women

  • Stem cell gene therapy for fatal childhood disease

  • Probiotic therapies hold promise for the treatment of intestinal disorders

  • Research findings reveal potential to reverse cancer-related nerve pain

  • New treatment for pancreatic cancer

  • Cholesterol Levels, Not Statins, Influence Colorectal Cancer Risk

  • Improving survival and reducing side effects in Hodgkin lymphoma

  • Radiation improves survival in older patients with soft tissue sarcomas

  • New detection method for prostate cancer

  • Controlling cell turnover in the intestinal lining

  • Brain Cancer: Two Essential Amino Acids Might Hold Key to Better Outcomes

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