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  • Cancer stem cells get energy from protein, and it’s proving to be their Achilles’ heel

  • New strategy discovered toward possible prevention of cancers tied to mono

  • Decrease in specific gene ‘silencing’ molecules linked with pediatric brain tumors

  • A major role for a small organ in the immune response during pregnancy

  • Study uncovers possible link between immune system and postpartum depression

  • Breast cancer cells become invasive by changing their identity

  • Genetic factors tied to obesity may protect against diabetes

  • Dangerous blood pressure caused by specific signalling in the brain

  • Cytokine levels could predict immunotherapy problems

  • Novel quantum dots enhance cell imaging

  • Study explains why tall individuals are more prone to cancer

  • Novel combination as potential therapy for high-risk neuroblastoma

  • Insomnia is a likely long-term side effect of strokes

  • Depleted metabolic enzymes promote tumor growth in kidney cancer

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